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Power & Functions !
Powers & Functions of Council of Distance Education

A) It shall be the general duty of the Council of Distance Learning to take all such steps as are consistent with the provisions of this Act, the Statutes and the Ordinances for the promotion of the open university/distance education systems, its coordinated development, and the determination of its standards, and in particular.
  1. To develop a network of open universities/distance education institutions in the country in consultation with the State Governments, Universities, and other concerned agencies.

  2. To identify priority areas in which distance education programmes should be organized and to provide such support as may be considered necessary for organizing such programmes.

  3. To identify the specific client groups and the types of programmes to be organized for them, and to promote and encourage the organization of such programmes through the network of open universities/distance, education institutions.

  4. To promote an innovative system of University level education, flexible and open, in regard to methods and pace of learning, combination of courses, eligibility for enrolment, age of entry, conduct of examination and organize various courses and programmes.

  5. To promote the organization of programmes of human resource development for the open university/distance education system.

  6. To initiate and organize measures for joint development of courses and programmes and research in distance education technology and practices.

  7. To recommend to the Board of Management the pattern and nature of financial assistance that may be sanctioned to open universities/distance education institutions and the conditions that may have to be fulfilled by them to receive such assistance.

  8. To take such steps as are necessary to ensure the coordinated development of the open university/distance education system in the country.

  9. To establish and develop arrangements for coordinating and sharing the instructional materials prepared by different open universities/distance education institutions, and the student support systems with a view to avoiding duplication of efforts.

  10. To evolve procedures for sharing of courses and programmes and for the payment of royalty or other charges to the members of the network whose courses and programmes are used by other members.

  11. To prescribe broad, norms for charging fees from students who join various programmes offered by the network of open universities/distance education institutions.

  12. To collect, compile and disseminate information relating to the courses and programmes offered by various open universities/distance education institutions.

  13. To advise State Governments, universities and other concerned agencies on their proposals to set up open universities, or to introduce programmes of distance education.

  14. To appoint Review Committees from time to time to study and assess the performance of the open universities/distance education institutions participating in the network on any aspect relevant to the functioning of the network.

  15. To prescribe a broad framework for courses and programmes including their pattern and structure.

  16. To evolve norms, procedures and practices in respect of admission, evaluation, completion of courses requirements, transfer of credits, etc. of students admitted to the programmes of the open university / distance education network and for the award of certificates, diplomas and degrees to them.

  17. To evolve guidelines for the organization of student support services for the open university/distance education programmes.

  18. To take such measures as are necessary, consistent with the objects of the University to provide an innovative, flexible and open system of University education, for the promotion, including introduction and continuation, of courses and programmes which conform to the standards prescribed by the CODL, to maintain such standards in the institutions offering distance education programmes and to prevent, through such measures as are considered appropriate, institutions from offering courses and programmes which do not conform to the standards laid down by the Council.

  19. To appoint Committees for advising and assisting the CODL in the performance of any of its functions or exercise of any of its powers.

b) The Council of Distance Learning shall :
  1. Appoint Committees which shall assess, in consultation with the concerned open universities/distance education institutions, the development grants required by them for a five-year period and make recommendations to the Board of Management for sanctioning such grants.

  2. Sanction grants to open universities/distance education institutions for specific projects on the basis of reports by duly appointed committees and in accordance with guidelines prescribed for the purpose and report such approvals to the Board of Management.
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