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Information for Students / Institutions !
Why is the approval of CODL required for offering academic programmes through distance mode?

It is to ensure the quality of education and to assure the standard of degree/diploma earned through distance mode of education.

What CODL does to ensure quality?

A: Evaluation of self-instructional materials in terms of the following objectives:

The learning materials used in Distance Education are usually prepared in the self-instructional format.  The Self-Instructional Materials (SIMs) differ from a chapter of a textbook or an article of a journal.  The chapters of a textbook usually present information in a very compact form.  They are closer to reference material than to learning texts.  They are organized in terms of the subject matter to aid the teacher in an institution.  On the other hand, SIMs is the instruments for learning.  Learner Centeredness (LC) of the distance mode requires development of self-learning qualities and skills of learner through various learning processes.  Hence the SIMs should have some basic characteristics as given below.  It should be:
  1. Self-explanatory
  2. Self-contained
  3. Self-directed
  4. Self-motivating
  5. Self-evaluating
  6. Self-learning
B: Institutional requirements:         

1. Faculty

The distance education institutions require two types of faculty; one – full-time faculty and two – part-time faculty.  The full-time faculty is of two types, again
(i) Full-time core faculty on a permanent basis to maintain and coordinate the essential functions
(ii) Full-time contractual staff for job-specific requirements.
Part-time faculty may be used for development and delivery of instructional materials, and other related academic activities.

2. Self-Instructional Material

Self-instructional material is different than Text-Books.  High quality SIM is essential.  As far as possible SIM must be supported by A/V material.

3. Physical Facilities and Equipment

An institution should have requisite infrastructure facilities at                   
 a) Headquarters and b) support service centers.

4.  Library

Every distance education institution should have a well equipped library at headquarters with good collections of books, journals/periodicals, audio, video tapes and other electronic media learning materials to serve the need of staff and learners.

5. Computer Facilities

In view of the large number of learners per programme, the institutions should plan computerization and use of technology from the beginning.  The number of computers required may vary from institution to institution depending upon the activities undertaken.

6. Access to ICT networks for Programme Delivery.
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